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A Good Reason to visit our website...

| March 30, 2017

Capitol Wealth Management's new and improved website is live! 



We’ve updated our website to provide you with a better online experience and make it easier for us to expand our practice through greater awareness.  Our new site is now optimized for mobile users and contains integrated social media sharing buttons for Facebook and LinkedIn to help foster and broaden communication.  Another key feature of our new site is the “Helpful Content” section found at the bottom of the home page.  From audio to video, you can take a deeper dive into subjects that interest you, as well as easily share valuable content with others.  This section is updated frequently, so we encourage you to return to the site often and see what is new.

Of course, our website will also have our Did You Know? articles (now located under Blog), event information, and further details about our services.

We hope you like what you see and will take the opportunity to share the link to our site with those you know who could benefit from learning more about us. 

We welcome your questions and feedback.  Please email us at