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Did You Know? Long-Term Care

| October 01, 2016

Over the years, on numerous occasions, clients or friends have told us they needed a service or product and DID NOT KNOW that we could have helped them. Unfortunately, they had to find someone they did not have a relationship with and often spent unnecessary time and money in the process.

As a valued client, we would like to save you time, money, and frustration by making sure you know the variety of services and products we manage and share with you some real life client experiences.

We are calling this “Did you know?” and we hope that if we highlight a topic you or someone you know may need help with, you will give us a call.

Did you know we have expertise in Long-term Care Insurance?

The good news? People today are living longer. Although that’s good news, the odds of needing some sort of long-term care increases as you get older and the duration and level of long-term care needed often increases with longevity.

An individual turning 65 today has a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services and support in their remaining years. Women typically need care longer (3.7 years) than men (2.2 years) and 20% of today’s 65 year-olds will need long term care for longer than 5 years. (Statistics from Department of Health and Human Services)

Recently, a client of ours asked if we might provide advice regarding their long term care insurance as the cost of the coverage was increasing and they had to make some difficult decisions about what to do.

We analyzed the proposed changes and evaluated the potential impact it could have on their finances and provided them with advice that made sense and was right for them.

As independent brokers, a tangible benefit we provide our clients is not only the expertise in this area, but nearly unlimited access to the most competitive long term care coverages available. We partner with long term care experts and are available to help our clients select the right long term care coverage that will provide the greatest benefit at the lowest possible cost.

We hope this information is valuable to you. Please stay tuned for our next issue of Did You Know? about Estate Planning and recent legislation that may affect your real estate holdings in California.