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Strategic Investment Management

Investors who follow a carefully planned set of guidelines have a higher success rate than those who act on their emotions or make frequent changes based on the events of the day. We utilize behavioral finance in concert with best practices in portfolio management. We have designed an investment approach that allows us to capitalize on the long-term, while not allowing temporary activity in the markets to interfere with our decision-making process.

Two of the central tenets of our investment process are portfolio construction and risk management. We believe that thinking and acting for the long-term is paramount; this idea is at the heart of our client service and portfolio management program. Behavioral counseling, a balanced investment plan and consistent communication are the tools we employ to help our clients utilize “time arbitrage” to their advantage.

Goals-based Investment Planning

There is not one solution to how money should be invested. Each client’s plan is personalized  based on the particulars of a family’s situation, unique circumstances, risk profile and time horizon. Planning includes an in-depth understanding of a client’s willingness, ability and need to take risk with their investments.

Behavior Management and Modification

Data drives the decisions we make. The data we look at tells us that investors tend to be their own worst enemies. Much of what we do is designed to help our clients overcome the emotional drive to do the wrong things at the wrong times. Our job is to help clients define their goals, remind them of these goals over time, and minimize unforced errors on the way to achieving these goals.

Investment Selection and Risk Management

We are incredibly proud of the portfolios we manage on behalf of our clients. Our job is to build successful, goal-oriented portfolios with an emphasis on historical context, situational awareness and common sense. We prize evidence over excitement and durability over everything as we look to withstand a wide range of market environments. The main focus of our client’s investment plans centers on portfolio construction and risk management, while always keeping in mind costs and tax efficiency.